TVNZ ‘rests’ Dancing with the Stars

TVNZ has decided against commissioning a production of Dancing With The Stars in 2010.

The decision has been made, reluctantly, because the current market conditions do not support such an expensive show.

Despite its huge popularity the cost of mounting the multi-million dollar, BBC-format production has made Dancing With The Stars a very marginal venture for TVNZ – even in strong market conditions.

In a recessionary environment the network can no longer absorb losses made by big-budget productions.

TVNZ is treating the decision as a ‘rest’ for the programme, and will re-evaluate the situation for the following year.

If market conditions have improved significantly, TVNZ will look to re-establish the show in 2011.





  1. Jack says:

    Which is a good thing at the telethon Randoms had to hold me back from smacking him wit my sign

  2. Ed S says:

    Well there goes another Jason Gunn programme

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