A night of Jaquie Brown on Friday including a 7 Days special

Jaquie Brown the person reprises her role as Jaquie Brown the character when the Qantas award-winning comedy The Jaquie Brown Diaries premieres its second season on Friday, October 23rd at 9:35pm on 3.

Since losing her job on McHuntly at 7 for trying to get Serita (Madeleine Sami) fired, Jaquie has hit rock bottom. She and Tom (Ryan Lampp) have left their Cox’s Bay dream home for a crappy apartment above K road and Jaquie has been lending her C-grade celebrity status to a carpet factory to pay the bills.

“In this series I’m out in the celebrity wilderness, doing product endorsements, going on lame reality shows, all the degrading things I’ll probably end up doing when the series is over,” Brown explains of her character’s current misfortunes.

Meanwhile, as Jaquie struggles, Serita has gone on to become one of TV3’s most valued assets, has her own show coming out and a top ten single.

“It’s sort of like a parallel universe in which Serita has adopted all of Jaquie’s achievements in this world,” explains Gerard Johnstone, the series’ writer. “She even has her own sitcom, which everyone thinks is brilliant, even though it’s cheap, unoriginal and doesn’t make any sense.”

Now with her celebrity status disappearing right before her eyes, Jaquie’s only chance to climb back up the media ladder is co-hosting a midday radio show with the equally bitter and even more disgruntled James Coleman.

“James and I worked together at Channel Z back in the early 2000’s and we didn’t get on,” Brown says about the addition of Coleman to the series. “It’s been very therapeutic for both James and I to put these demons to rest for the sake of comedy,” she adds.

But the fictional Jaquie’s never been know to take things lying down, and with the help of friend and publicist Kim Sharee (Hannah Banks) she’s now more determined then ever to get back on television.

Make sure not to miss her struggles of conquering the New Zealand media industry when The Jaquie Brown Diaries returns for a second season on Friday, October 23rd at 9:35pm on 3.

7 Days also has a Jaquie Brown Diaries special on Friday. Jaquie Brown and Madeleine Sami go head-to-head on 7 Days, screening on Friday, October 23rd at 10:05pm on 3.


Penny Ydgren to host TV3’s Melbourne Cup coverage

Penny Ydgren will now present live coverage of the race that stops two nations, 3 Sport Horseracing: Emirates Melbourne Cup screens Tuesday, November 3rd at 4:30pm on 3.

Melbourne Cup Day is Australia and New Zealand’s most famous Tuesday. For around 3 minutes 20 seconds on the first Tuesday in November, Australians and New Zealanders everywhere stop for one of the world’s most famous horse races – the Melbourne Cup.

In Melbourne, Cup Day is a public holiday for the metropolitan area, and the highlight of the Spring Racing Carnival. It is the day when the nation stops whatever it’s doing to listen to or watch the race.

With thousands of attendees dressed in traditional formal race-day wear, and others in all manners of exotic and amusing costumes, the racetrack fashions often overshadow the business of horseracing.

Billed as “the race that stops a nation”, the event was first held on the first Tuesday of November in 1861. Since its debut, the Melbourne Cup has developed in to one of the world’s most famous horseracing event with a record of 400,000 race fans attending the Melbourne Cup Carnival in 2007.

It is also the one day those who don’t usually bet, try their luck with a small wager or entry into a “sweep”.

So place your bets and make sure to join Kate Lynch and TV3 when the Emirates Melbourne Cup screens live on Tuesday, November 3rd at 4:30pm on 3.

Kate Lynch was originally lined up to present the Melbourne Cup.


Glee’s NZ air date and time slot announced

American critics have hailed the series as one of the best new shows of the season, and audiences agree… Now Glee is hitting New Zealand screens with the season premiere screening on Friday, November 6th at 7:30pm on 3.

The brainchild of Ryan Murphy, the creator of Nip/Tuck, Glee is about a group of social outcasts, misfits and rejects who come together to form a less than respected Glee club. With the help of their enthusiastic teacher – their aim is to make it to the state champs and become stars.

This could sound like a giant cliché, but under Murphy’s direction, Glee is anything but. In fact, Glee is one of the standout gems of the American spring season.

It is packed full of quirky but complex characters and teams an innocent purity with a rather off beat and at times cutting sense of humour. Murphy says, “The show really is about underdogs, and I think the key to the tone and the heart of the show is that people will love them because they are underdogs.”

After the success of Nip/Tuck, Murphy says he wanted “to do a show that appeals to everybody. I’ve done a cable show and that to me was a big challenge.”

Glee is a huge change in direction for Murphy, “I’ve done sort of eight years of darkness and really adult stuff, and I was like, OK, I want to try something different. I want to do a show that has a bigger heart and is kinder, but make no mistake. It still has an edge, and they’ve [Fox, Glee’s production company] been supportive of that.”

While Glee is jam-packed full of magical musical numbers, it certainly isn’t The Sound of Music. “I was interested in doing a musical, but I wanted to do sort of a post-modern musical” Murphy explains. He says that he wasn’t interested in doing a show where people suddenly burst into song. Murphy had three rules; characters could sing when they are performing, when they are in the rehearsal room or in fantasy sequences.

“I think that, for me, gave it some sort of life and structure, and I think that makes it more accessible to people.” The cast of Glee won’t be found singing when they should be talking!

Murphy summaries Glee by saying, “I wanted it to be snarky, and I wanted it to have attitude, and I also wanted it to have heart, and I wanted the musical numbers to be spectacular.”

And if the critic’s comments are anything to go by, Murphy has achieved his aim! Make sure not to miss Glee, premiering on Friday, November 6th at 7:30pm on 3.


Naked Samoans reunite for one show only

Critically acclaimed theatre troupe, The Naked Samoans are coming out of retirement for a special one-off performance of their ‘Go Home’ show to raise money for those affected by the recent tsunami in Samoa.

The Naked Samoans, which consists of performers David Fane (bro’Town, Outrageous Fortune, Diplomatic Immunity) Robbie Magasiva (Shortland Street, Sione’s Wedding, The Tattooist), Oscar Kightley (bro’Town, Sione’s Wedding, Arts laureate; NZOM), Mario Gaoa (bro’Town, Diplomatic Immunity, Sione’s Wedding), Shimpal Lelisi (bro’Town, Sione’s Wedding, Tagata Pasifika) and Jerome Leota, will reunite for their one-off show on Saturday, 7th November at the ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre, THE EDGE.

The team, who have not performed together in almost two years, all have friends and family who have been seriously affected by the devastation in Samoa. Coming out of hibernation to perform this show is their way of giving people one last chance to witness the comic genius of the Naked Samoans, while at the same time, raising money for those affected by the disaster. All proceeds from the ticket sales will go directly to the Oxfam Tsunami Appeal.

“We’ve decided to put our differences aside, and come together for this cause,” says Magasiva. “We all know people who have been affected by the disaster in Samoa, so this is a way for us to help out. It’s one night only, so come and check it out.”

The Naked Samoans Go Home is supported by Emirates Airline and proudly presented by THE EDGE who is providing the venue, all the lighting and sound, and their staff are giving their time freely so that all the funds raised will all go to the appeal.

Based on a true story, but mostly lies, Naked Samoans Go Home features the crazy array of characters and brilliant physical comedy that have become the trademarks of The Naked Samoans.

Travelling from a hot Samoan tourist resort to that other Pacific hotspot – their Auntie’s house in South Auckland – Naked Samoans Go Home finds Sione moving from Samoa to New Zealand to follow a promising rugby career, and desperate to buy his five brothers their ticket to “paradise”.

Emirates’ manager for New Zealand the Pacific, Chris, Lethbridge, said the airline was pleased to support the fund-raising attraction.

“Emirates has had an ongoing relationship with Samoa through its sponsorship of the Samoa Sevens side,” he said. “In turn, we have been well supported by the Samoan community, many of whom choose Emirates when travelling across the Tasman.

“Assisting with this show is a meaningful way of recognising those special ties at a time when both sympathy and help is very much needed.”

Tickets for the one-off show can be purchased from THE EDGE at www.buytickets.co.nz or the Box Office and are available for the special price of $20.* (*Service fee of $2 will apply if purchasing via Box Office)

The Naked Samoans Go Home; 7th November at the ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre at 8pm.