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Newstalk ZB remains NZ’s leading radio station with the biggest audience in New Zealand with 405,900# different listeners. This gives Newstalk ZB a number one share of 12.5%* of listening in New Zealand.

“We’re extremely pleased with this result, showing Newstalk ZB has succeeded in delivering a smooth breakfast host transition. In a clean sweep the Mike Hosking Breakfast is number one, in share, in the three most important metropolitan markets Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch^. Mike has truly risen to his new challenge” said Bill Francis The Radio Network’s General Manager – talk.

“Mike Hosking’s breakfast ratings grew in Auckland where he has a 19.2% share^, more than double that of the nearest competitor – TRN’s ZM. Nationally Mike has a 16.4% share~, a dominant lead over all other stations and most importantly, five times the share of Newstalk ZB’s nearest talk competitor.”

According to the latest radio survey released today by Research International, TRN
has three of the top five the networks with the most listeners each week; Newstalk ZB, the ZM network and the Classic Hits network moving up to fifth position with 337,000 different listeners each week#.

“It was gratifying to see the hard work by our local Classic Hits stations paid off with the network enjoying a return to popularity with some impressive results around the country” said John McElhinney, TRN’s Chief Executive. “In Auckland TRN holds a commanding position with four of the top five stations with Newstalk ZB, Coast, Classic Hits and ZM in the top five by share of commercial radio listening^^. For our ratings successes today I thank the many New Zealanders who choose to listen to a TRN station making us the radio company with the most listeners#”.

Source: Research International Commercial Radio Audience Measurement Surveys 2-2009
# National 10+ Cume Monday to Sunday 12mn – 12mn
* National 10+ Share Monday to Sunday 12mn – 12mn
^ Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington 10+ Share Monday to Friday 6am-9am
~ National 10+ Share Monday to Friday 6am – 9am
^^ Auckland 10+ Share Monday to Friday 12mn-12mn