A night of Jaquie Brown on Friday including a 7 Days special

Home Entertainment A night of Jaquie Brown on Friday including a 7 Days special

Jaquie Brown the person reprises her role as Jaquie Brown the character when the Qantas award-winning comedy The Jaquie Brown Diaries premieres its second season on Friday, October 23rd at 9:35pm on 3.

Since losing her job on McHuntly at 7 for trying to get Serita (Madeleine Sami) fired, Jaquie has hit rock bottom. She and Tom (Ryan Lampp) have left their Cox’s Bay dream home for a crappy apartment above K road and Jaquie has been lending her C-grade celebrity status to a carpet factory to pay the bills.

“In this series I’m out in the celebrity wilderness, doing product endorsements, going on lame reality shows, all the degrading things I’ll probably end up doing when the series is over,” Brown explains of her character’s current misfortunes.

Meanwhile, as Jaquie struggles, Serita has gone on to become one of TV3’s most valued assets, has her own show coming out and a top ten single.

“It’s sort of like a parallel universe in which Serita has adopted all of Jaquie’s achievements in this world,” explains Gerard Johnstone, the series’ writer. “She even has her own sitcom, which everyone thinks is brilliant, even though it’s cheap, unoriginal and doesn’t make any sense.”

Now with her celebrity status disappearing right before her eyes, Jaquie’s only chance to climb back up the media ladder is co-hosting a midday radio show with the equally bitter and even more disgruntled James Coleman.

“James and I worked together at Channel Z back in the early 2000’s and we didn’t get on,” Brown says about the addition of Coleman to the series. “It’s been very therapeutic for both James and I to put these demons to rest for the sake of comedy,” she adds.

But the fictional Jaquie’s never been know to take things lying down, and with the help of friend and publicist Kim Sharee (Hannah Banks) she’s now more determined then ever to get back on television.

Make sure not to miss her struggles of conquering the New Zealand media industry when The Jaquie Brown Diaries returns for a second season on Friday, October 23rd at 9:35pm on 3.

7 Days also has a Jaquie Brown Diaries special on Friday. Jaquie Brown and Madeleine Sami go head-to-head on 7 Days, screening on Friday, October 23rd at 10:05pm on 3.