Telecom launched their new logo tonight. What do you think of it?





  1. @Alex hahaha yeah well Vodafone’s is pretty much the same scenario as well.

  2. It doesn’t reproduce too well online:

  3. Looks similar to this logo…

  4. They probably imported from the Philippines.. hence it doesn’t make a lot of sense… OR it’s as hideous as the amount of spam and viruses they let through into my inbox EVERY day despite supposedly having filters

  5. I like it… but then, I’m biased! In response to Allanah’s comment… does she think the same of vodafone’s speech mark?

  6. I like it. It’s different enough and takes them away from the overly corporate image they’ve always presented.

  7. Crossed wires, how appropriate!

  8. I think its a star to refer to a hidden clause….

  9. Haha, I think I see a windscreen wiper blade

  10. I’m really disappointed with this.
    - @TinoPai

  11. Looks scruffy almost home made.

  12. You can’t just pick a key from your phone and call it a logo. An asterisk is not a logo.

  13. Win. Now lets hope they fix all their other problems

  14. Oh dear. Gross

  15. A bit much glare, but I like it!

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