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Last night’s Outrageous Fortune season finale closed with an explosive cliffhanger shocking viewers and sparking much speculation.

Charles Mesure (Detective Sergeant Zane Gerard) discusses last night’s events but remains tight-lipped about the fate of certain characters.

Casting his mind back to filming the finale, Mesure chose to portray Gerard as a man in love. Gerard’s desire to ‘save’ Pascalle (Siobhan Marshall) from Nicky (Craig Hall) is what brought him to such extreme measures.

“Gerard has been desperately trying to save Pascalle from falling into the clutches of Nicky Greegan and trying to keep her in his life. Last night, this poor kid Aaron Spiller (Wesley Dowdell) came in and tried to get him off Pascalle’s case. Gerard dealt to Aaron in this brutal way and understandably Pascalle was very hurt on Aaron’s behalf and tried to get Jethro (Antony Starr) involved to get him off her case.

“That in real life would go before the body called the Police Complaints Authority and they would put Gerard’s career in jeopardy. So Gerard just pulled out all stops,” Mesure says.

In Outrageous Fortune’s penultimate episode, Nicky proved to Pascalle he was no murderer, despite Gerard’s accusations. Meanwhile Gerard still very much believes Nicky is responsible for murdering his sister’s (Sheree) ex-husband and thinks Pascalle was in peril.

“Gerard totally believes that Nicky killed Garth Loader. So last night he tried to tear Pascalle out of that situation thinking he was going to save her from this crazy psycho murderer, Nicky Greegan. So right until the very last scene, quite sincerely he was saying, ‘I’m trying to save your life, I’m trying to save you from yourself from being married to a murderer,’” Mesure explains.
“Cheryl saw this and went ‘I’m going to protect my daughter’. She tried to physically stop Gerard and it went bad,” he says.

Before the credits rolled, viewers saw Cheryl club Gerard in the neck with a broken bottle. Bleeding at the bottom of the steps, Gerard fired three shots, raising the question on everyone’s minds: What happened?

Viewers will have to wait until the sixth series, currently in production.

Mesure says of his experience thus far: “The writing on Outrageous Fortune is so fresh and new for a New Zealand TV show. Its great being back after being in Los Angeles for four years. It’s nice to be home,” he says.

Until Tuesday, October 13th fans can catch this finale again at tv3.co.nz, as well as the repeats of series two starting this Thursday, October 8th at 9:30pm on 3.




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