Fans rally to save daytime soaps on TV One


TVNZ has announced it is to cease its contract with the distributor for Days of Our Lives and the Young and the Restless.

The broadcaster says the shows have been on our screens for more than 20 years and ratings have been declining significantly.

In a statement TVNZ said “We have decided that although there are many viewers who remain faithful fans, there are also many who would appreciate something fresh after such a long time.”

One of those faithful fans is Northland viewer Morgan Collett who has set up one of two facebook groups aiming to keep the shows on our screens. He said that he always enjoys Days of Our Lives and the Young and the Restless because they are really fun and interesting with attractive characters. He has always looked forward to his afternoon soaps and says there is nothing else on at that time worth watching.

The series will finish sometime at the end of October and an announcement as to what will replace them will be made closer to the time.

At this stage Prime/Sky TV have no plans to take over the contract and screen these shows in New Zealand.

You can join the groups below:

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  1. I think it is going to be a huge mistake. I can’t do much any more and I have watched these shows since the very first show of “As the world turns” came on. So, now out of greed, (apparently), all of the hundreds of people who join me in watching these programs, must suffer. Well, I for one won’t watch all that crap you people put on, and so proud of. So enjoy as we all sit back and hopefully watch you people go down the drain

  2. Put DOL back on – just getting exciting. I come home most days dor lunch and watch DOL or record it and watch it later when TVNZ has other CRAP on. PUT IT BACK ON – remove PACKED TO THE RAFTERS – hey what about putting on MASH as well – i am sure we all look forward to those 110000000 repeats.

  3. TVNZ you are lying scumbags, DOOL wasn’t supposed to finish until april next year, today I turn my tv on at 2pm to get my daily fix and WHAT crappy ass repeats have taken its place. Please correct me if I’m wrong but it is only december is it not. Get with the planet TVNZ you have pissed off one too many soap fans and we are not amused. If you can’t find anything else but repeats or stupid game shows to replace our beloved soaps then please put them back on for us. The soap fans have spoken.

  4. What happened to DOL going through to early next year. So much for being replaced by something “fresh”. A repeat of a show that has just finished in the night slot is not fresh in any way. I wonder how many people are actually watching the crap they have dished up as replacements to the soaps. Two hours less for the TV to go on.

  5. I have been watching DOL & YR since I was a teenager i am now pushing 50, If you can not air the soaps anymore even though there is obviously a wide viewer/fan base the least you could is pass on from the distributor where we could get a dvd/video of the episodes from.
    There is not much else worth watching in the afternoon, I hate repeats, won,t watch them, especially if they are bloody boring!!!!

  6. I am devastated that these programs have been axed and right when things were getting so exciting. Well thanks TVNZ but i will not be watching you channels anymore, you can kiss my ass.

  7. I have been watching these two soaps for many years and they are like great friends to me. Since my husband died I have taped these and am very happy to go to bed at night and watch them. I don’t want to watch how a crime was commited and how they solved it or any do up your house or husband wife swap and as much as I enjoy cooking these days every time I turn the TV on some one is cooking. Please let us keep these old friends in our lives, ,life is tough enough without you taking away our friends. Think hard before you do this.

  8. TVNZ has no idea of how the canceling of these programs will impact on the elderly & housebound members of our communities

  9. I too am a fan of DOOL and am just as sad to hear that its going to be axed at the end of October – I have to ask Why then can’t TVNZ put DOOL into a time slot, say perhaps early in the morning when most people are asleep – Im sure all addicted fans (like me) will have a dvd or video recorder and then everyone will be happy and no-one will miss out. I for one don’t mind watching a recorded version.

  10. I for one will NOT watch anything on TV 2 from noon till if they take away the soaps. I also have been watching them since I was in my teens many years now.
    Im sure there are many other programs that have less viewers.
    I hope all the fans will join me & NOT switch onto TV 2.

  11. There is a petition that you can get to either through the trademe message board called Save our Soaps or on facebook for those of you that don’t know. TVNZ have made a really bad decison over this issue and probably stand to lose alot of viewers if they take the soaps off. The ratings system is flawed and it makes one think they are using that as an excuse to can the soaps. One can only hope that someone else picks them up & takes loads of viewers with them.

  12. I’ve been watching these two soaps since they started and so have most of my elderly freinds and family. It will be a real loss for us. What are they going to give us in there place? More repeats would think. If I have to sit (and sit is all I can do these days) and watch one more repeat of “A place in F—–ing France” one more time I wont be responsable for my actions as it must be on its 3rd repeat now and it was really BAD the first time. Shame on you TVNZ

  13. I know many people of all ages who watch Y and R and DOOL. My mother watched it religiously and my aunt who is a recent widow relies on these programmes to provide consistency in her life as do many such as mothers, people in homes, hospitals etc…. The fact that it is generational means many can identify with the characters like members of a family. Most people are at work or at school so proabably do not care and those at home still have a choice with the TV 2 shows, so why upset so many who obviously enjoy these shows ? Surely these TVNZ should be providing a range of programming genre to meet their charter.

  14. Come on TVNZ, you say it costs too much to buy this program and the ratings don’t reflect it as being worth it. You are buying a program that is like 5 years old, how can you say this. And then to say that its been going for such a long, that’s no excuse to can it. Its been going for such a long time because there are loyal fans out there who are consistently watching it everyday. We’ve also had to put up with it being taken off air for sports programs and shut-downs at christmas which put us further behind. Currently its all about the Salem Stalker which has been going on for months. Its all getting very exciting at the moment and you plan on taking it off air now when there is still months of this particular storey line to go – you are pathetic. I’m glad I don’t pay broadcasting fees to you anymore cause you are not worth it. I now hope another tv channel will take this on and you loose all your viewers, for not only this timeslot, but for all other shows in protest.

  15. I am absoutly devistated with TVNZ’s decision to play God and decide what we can and cannot watch – this is just NOT on!! I have watched the Y&R for 20 years and cannot believe this is happening to us. TVNZ say that some people want a change – what people? They also say that although Y&R and Days have a fanbase we have decided not to renew the contract – they have NEVER asked me what I watch. Listen up TVNZ – BRING BACK Y&R AND DAYS OF OUR LIVES!

  16. Hi There – How dare TVNZ take our Daytime Soaps away from us after a long time – Me and my mother have been watching DAYS for over 20 years – What are we going to watch after that? More repeats of other silly programmes that I don’t watch.


  17. Soap are dying a torturous, pitiful death here in the USA on daytime…it’s a sad sign of the times for the genre that their international audiences are diminishing, too. Last-place Search for Tomorrow was cancelled in 1986 for having the “dismal” ratings that Young & Restless now enjoys as #1. There is simply no audience left to justify the cost of production. Cheaper to shove in game shows & talk shows. :(

  18. Thats why TVNZ are shit. They take the good programmes away and put crappy repeats of other crap. They better not can them. They can these soaps (The awesome ones) but they dont can they god-awful Emmerdale. Truly shit TVNZ, Now I dont have any use for my TV at the end of October considering these soaps are the only things I watch on TV. The best soaps around.

  19. Paul: Take two chill pills, and a lesson on using full stops.

    Commercial tv is driven by advertising. If TVNZ can’t get enough people to watch these shows, they have no option but to cancel it.

    Also, the tv license fee has never been used for the purchase of overseas programming. It is used for the production of NZ programming.

    I know that Sky 1 picked up Bold and the Beautiful a couple of years ago, so they might pick up these two series as well.

  20. wot the hell, i have been a fan since my early childhood up to now, how could tv2 let down so many loyal fan base in this country alone. im 37 dvd record it, come home and watch it from 930pm to wot ever time suits me as there nothing but bloody repeats of friends on tv, wot about the fan base here, I hope tv 3 or another great channel pick this up so tvnz can scerw ard more loyal fans, Wot ever happen to all the seasons of BAD GIRLS, u never brought that back did ya, Please save yound g and the restless as it is now getting to the good stages of the show along with Days of our lives, or at lease put it on later, this is compete crap on TVNZs behalf, if u think of bring back the tv lience fee, shove that one up yr bums, send me to baycrop for payment because i bloody wont pay it.