E! to broadcast Michael Jackson memorial service LIVE

E!, the leader in entertainment news, will air world-wide the Michael Jackson memorial service slated to take place on Tuesday, July 7 at 10:00am at the Staples Center in Los Angeles (Wednesday, July 8 at 5.00am in New Zealand).

The broadcast will be LIVE both on-air, SKY Digital channel 11, and at www.Eonline.com, and fans can tune-in and log-on throughout the entire day to get the latest news and information around the passing of Michael Jackson.

During the weekend it was announced that 11,000 free tickets will be given out for the memorial service at the Staples Center and another 6,500 will be distributed for fans to watch on the big screens at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live across the street, but E! guarantees that fans around the world will not miss a minute of this enormous event.

Additional details about the memorial service were not yet released, but Jackson family spokesperson Ken Sunshine added: “Everything about the memorial has to do with accommodating as many fans as possible. It is all about the fans.”

Michael Jackson Memorial Service, LIVE from 5am Wednesday July 8 on E!, SKY Digital channel 11

Shock Move: Aussie Network news star jumps ship

Nine News presenter Mark Ferguson has signed with rival network Channel 7.

In a shock move, Ferguson who presents the news on the week old afternoon show This Afternoon will reportedly read the weekend 7 News from October.

The move comes after Ferguson was replaced as the 6PM news anchor for Sydney and was told his $700,000 salary would be cut.  It has also fuelled speculation that 7News veteran Ian Ross will retire later this year.

“I’m not dead” Goldblum tells the world after Channel 9 report

Last week Australia’s Today show reported that Hollywood actor Jeff Goldblum had fallen to his death in New Zealand. The story was yet another internet hoax, but the Channel 9 show said that it had been confirmed by New Zealand Police.

You can watch the Colbert Report’s spin on this (including video of the Today show blunder) below:

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Nightline takes number one position in late night news

Late night news programme Nightline has taken the number one position in late evening news, beating TVNZ competitor Tonight in total audience share.

In the 5+ audience results for June Nightline achieved a 22% share, ahead of Tonight on 21.5%.

“This is an outstanding result for Nightline, and is a credit to a production team which understands the ideal mix of stories for a late night news programme,” said TV3 Director of News and Current Affairs, Mark Jennings.

“Although it’s a great result to win the 5+ audience, key demographics mean more to us such as our target 18-49 year old audience where Nightline dominates even further with a 48% margin – 24% compared to Tonight’s 16.2%.

Nightline also dominates in TV One’s own target audience (25-54) with 23.7% share of audience ahead of Tonight’s 19% share.

Mr Jennings said he was also pleased to see the flagship 3 News continue to lead both the 18-49 and 25-54 year old demographics during June.

3 News had a 26% margin lead against One News amongst 18-49 year olds with a 35.4 share, compared to 28.1%

The greatest margin lead was in the South Island where 3 News enjoyed a 42.5% share amongst 18-49 year olds, compared with One News’ 26.1% share.

“3 News is having a stellar year, and continuing to win both 18-49 and 25-54 demographics in June is pleasing, especially at a time when overall television viewership is increasing,” he said.

“3 News is enjoying leadership in these key audience groups, driven by excellent metropolitan and South Island performance,” Mr Jennings said.

– TV3

NZ TV Audiences Biggest in more than a Decade

Kiwis stayed in and turned on in such huge numbers in June that television has recorded its biggest audiences in more than a decade.

On average, 1.6 million Kiwis aged over 5 were watching television between 6-7pm every night during June – up almost 10% on last June and equating to an extra 140,000+ viewers every night.

Most of this audience is watching television news (43% watching ONE News and 27% watching 3 News), 11% are on TV2 and the rest are spread across the remaining channels.

The last time the 6pm news hour had so many viewers was in July of 1998, eleven years on the recession is thought to be responsible.

“With so much uncertainty around the economy it appears that people are saving money by staying at home and watching TV for free, and News is proving an important part of that increased viewing,” says TVNZ Head of News and Current Affairs, Anthony Flannery.

“New Zealanders want to be informed about what’s happening in their world, in their country and in their community and how these events affect them. That’s what ONE News is doing, and we thank our viewers for putting their trust in us.”

This week, ONE News had its 2nd and 3rd largest audiences of the year with 785,160 viewers on Monday night and 761,670 viewers on Tuesday.

The audience increase is happening across most television channels and time zones and TVNZ has continued to dominate in news and current affairs (see table below showing average daily audiences across News and Current Affairs Programmes during June).

NZI Business (6am) 38,680
ASB Business (6:30am) 10,020

Breakfast 132,060
Sunrise 27,780

ONE News Midday 132,590
3 News at twelve 44,170

ONE News 6pm 702,280
3 News 6pm 441,320

Close Up 555,020
Campbell Live 246,540

Tonight 173,770
Nightline 172,880

Sunday (Sunday 7:30pm) 611,610
60 Minutes (Monday 7:30pm) 299,620

Fair Go (Wednesday 7:30pm) 685,240
Target (Tuesday 7:30pm) 388,340