Home and Away stars among celebs joining Telethon

It’s been 15 years since New Zealand has last experienced the entertainment, suspense and amusement of a Telethon. Now TV3 in association with KidsCan is bringing this Kiwi favourite back to our screens when the Big Night In, Telethon 09 begins its 23-hour run on Saturday, August 8th at 7pm on 3.

Starting at 7pm on Saturday, August 8th, the Big Night In will be bringing back the traditional Telethon favourites such as the crazy dares and phone bank; however the 2009 Telethon will feature a few differences which will be unique to Big Night In.

“It will be a Telethon for the 21st century,” reveals Big Night In Producer Nigel Godfrey. “Many of the attractions of the Telethon of the 80s would no longer hold a television audience.”

“The contents of previous Telethons were often based around hearing how people had raise money, this time round raising money buys the viewer a ticket to 23 hours of the very best in entertainment television!”

Bringing viewers this entertainment will be; “every TV3 personality you can imagine will be involved, plus were possible we are bringing some faces from the past,” says Godfrey.

Along with the TV3 personalities, Godfrey reveals audiences should also prepare themselves for performances by some of New Zealand’s biggest names including; Gin Wigmore, Opshop, Frankie Stevens, The Ladykillers, Lady 6, Anika Moa, Che-Fu and many more.

“Of course Telethon has always been known for international personalities,” Godfrey continues. “This time around we wanted our internationals to at least have a link with New Zealand and so we are delighted that Alan Dale, Martin Henderson and Karl Urban are all coming down.”
“Anna Hutchison is also tripping back across the Tasman, and our Australian cousins Bernard Curry and Ada Nicodemou from Home and Away are coming over.”

With its local and international line-up, the Big Night In will also feature pledges especially designed for the 21 century audience.

“This Telethon will see viewers able to donate in more ways then ever before, via the internet, credit cards, phone lines and texting. Not only will viewers phone in but this time the celebrities will phone out,” says Godfrey.

Make sure not to miss a minute of this when the Big Night In Telethon 09 begins its 23-hour run on Saturday, August 8th at 7pm on 3.

Nine axe afternoon news show after 3 weeks on air

Channel Nine have axed their three week old afternoon news show ‘This Afternoon‘.

The show struggled to gain an audience against Channel 7’s 4:30 news.

The show received a further set back when its newsreader Mark Ferguson signed with a rival network after just one week on air.

Channel Nine have said that the hour long news-chat show will be replaced as of today with a half-hour news bulletin at 4.30pm, followed by Antiques Roadshow at 5pm.

Before and After: Duncan Garner

‘Before and After’ features images, and when possible video of familiar faces from the present, and looking back at their appearances in the past. If you have any images or video that you would like to see here, then email dan@dannews.co.nz You will remain anonymous of course.

We start with Duncan Garner, Political Editor for 3 News seen below in a recent shot, and also a shot of him when he was reporting for One Network News in the late 90’s.

Coming soon: Simon Dallow.


TVNZ sponsors four new charities

TVNZ has announced the four charitable organisations chosen as the successful recipients of free on-air advertising for the next two years.

The TVNZ Community Support Foundation sponsorship provides charities with free air time worth up to $50,000 a month, which allows the recipients to promote their services and drive fundraising activities.

This year the chosen charities are:

· The Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand

· Special Olympics New Zealand

· BNZ Save the Kiwi Trust

· LandSAR (New Zealand Land Search and Rescue)

TVNZ is committed to helping build stronger communities, in the tradition of New Zealanders helping each other out.

The newly-chosen charities are all organisations reflecting important aspects of kiwi life and the wellbeing of New Zealand’s people.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand aims to increase awareness and encourage men to get regular checks to reduce an unnecessarily high death rate.

“This TVNZ sponsorship is going to save men’s lives. It will enable the Prostate Cancer Foundation to promote the need for men to talk to their doctors about getting checked for prostate cancer,” said the President of the Foundation, Barry Young.

“It is a message that needs to be hammered home repeatedly because if it is ignored prostate cancer can and will kill. TVNZ has provided us with a magnificent publicity platform through which men will be able to make informed decisions about being diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer. It is a gift for which the men of New Zealand, and their families, should be grateful.”

Special Olympics New Zealand aims to empower people with intellectual disability through sports and physical training.

Special Olympics New Zealand Chairman, David Rutherford said: “The timing of this partnership couldn’t be better. This investment provides Special Olympics with the opportunity to inspire more New Zealanders to become involved in a movement that uses community sport to foster acceptance and inclusion of all people. TVNZ is a world leader in the coverage it gives to disability issues. This investment is further evidence of this commitment.”

BNZ Save the Kiwi Trust acts as a funding agency for groups committed to preserving New Zealand’s national bird in its natural habitat, forever.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to reach more people with our message via a medium that as a charitable trust we could never otherwise afford,” said Executive Director Michelle Impey. “We want every New Zealander to understand – our national icon is in serious trouble – but it’s not too late. Together we can save kiwi.”

LandSAR is a volunteer organisation providing skilled people and search management expertise to assist the police in land-based search and rescue operations.

LandSAR CEO Hadyn Smith said he is elated that the quiet community heroes that make up New Zealand’s Search and Rescue volunteers will feature in the partnership.

“Most people in the street have no idea about who carries out this vital function alongside the police, and we’re thrilled that the LandSAR name and what we do will gain much needed public profile as a result of this partnership. It’s a very special opportunity for all our volunteers.”

The outgoing charities who have received sponsored air time for the past two years are Surf Lifesaving New Zealand, National Heart Foundation New Zealand, the SPCA, and Refugee Services Aotearoa – New Zealand.

TVNZ has provided charitable organisations with more than $30 million in free advertising time on its channels over a period of more than 20 years.