Radio rape incident fallout continues. Kyle dumped from Idol 5

UPDATED: Australian media are reporting that Network TEN are to dump Kyle Sandilands from his position as Judge on Australian Idol.  Simon Fuller reportedly felt the “rape radio” incident risked damaging Idol’s international brand.

Yesterday Austereo announced the Kyle and Jackie O radio show had been suspended indefinitely.

In a statement released this evening Austereo said:

“Kyle Sandilands’ management has advised Austereo that he is unable to perform his duties on-air at this time. Further, following a great deal of consideration and having consulted Jackie O and all stakeholders, Austereo has formed the view that it is in the interest of all parties, for the Kyle & Jackie O Show to go into recess until we have completed an across-the-networks review of the principals (sic) and protocols of our interaction with our audience. This review commenced last Wednesday 29 July 2009.”

Australian radio hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O have said they were unaware and are stunned at how a lie detector interview with a teenage girl unfolded live on air. Sandilands, who was in New Zealand at the time of the interview said he wanted to pull out of the segment as soon as the guest revealed her upsetting past.

Listen to the clip below:

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  1. Wow!. I live in North Carolina in the USA and became aware of this on Facebook. I can not believe what a HORRIBLE person the mother is. When I hear the victim say “why are you smiling?” as her mother crosses in to “WORST MOTHER EVER” status, that moment is simply heartbreaking. And I thought only dumb, lazy, idiotic Americans supported train wrecks like Howard Stern. I guess every country has it’s share of skeletons and complete tools. Boot those fools off the air! Production crew and all.

    On a side note, your country rocks! peace! Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

  2. As well as vilifying the mother, no one seems to have asked who at AusStereo arranged / organised for a 14 year old to appear. Any sex with a 14 year is rape. This ‘skit’ was never going to go well. That person should loose their job too.

    Kyle is a tool regardless. Can’t understand how 2day is the #1 FM breakfast show in Sydney.

  3. I think they handled it pretty well, given they only just found out. What a stupid mother.

  4. OH MY GOD!! What is wrong with that mother? Regerdless of her worries surely she should have known that asking a question like that to someone who’s been through something like that isn;t appropriate? I feel sorry for Jackie and Kyle because they’ve been put into a hairy situation by that mother and they could get in some serious trouble. I commend them for referring her to counciling but i wanna know why the mum hasn’t yet rganised any counciling for her daughter after finding out about this.