Theme music and new look for Sunrise revealed


Updated: has an exclusive preview of what to expect on Monday morning.

Sunrise viewers are in for an early morning treat when the show launches a fresh new look on air Monday July 13.

With Sunrise reaching more New Zealanders every day Executive Producer Alistair Wilkinson says they thought the time was right to give the show a makeover.

“We’ve revamped the backdrops, the graphics and the music. We were lucky enough to secure the talents of noted Kiwi composer Keith Ballantyne to write our new theme tune. It’s infectious,” he says.

The Sunrise team are proud of our makeover which comes to air a week after the newest addition to the show, Ingrid Hipkiss, started with the team.

Wilkinson comments: “We reckon it’s fresher, smarter and brighter than the opposition, and we hope that viewers will agree.”

Director of News and Current affairs Mark Jennings says it’s a very different look from what we’ve been used to with the show but is confident the public will like what they see when it launches next week.

“The essence of the show remains the same but viewers can look forward to a striking new look with a faster pace to start their day,” he comments.

Sunrise screens weekdays from 7am on TV3.

Here is a sneak peak of what to expect:

You can listen to the new theme music for Sunrise below:

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  1. I’d have to agree with Observer…..If this does not work…Sunrise WILL get the chop….they can’t afford to keep it running if it is bleeding money!! (And it is!!!) Lol at the comment about the “As seen on TV crew”!!! Maybe Tv3 needs to go back to having a morning childrens show instead like they had on when I was a kid…what was it called???…The early bird show…the one with Russell Rooster!!!……god I’m getting old!!!….lol

  2. If you compare the graphics, set and overall look of the programmes, regardless of your opinion on either Sunrise or Breakfast’s content, with this make over, Sunrise wins hands down. As does TV3’s 6pm bulletin. I’m a Breakfast fan, but this make over looks amazing.

  3. If you compare the graphics, set and overall look of the programmes, regardless of your opinion on either Sunrise or Breakfast, with this make over, Sunrise wins hands down. As does the 6pm bulletin. I’m a Breakfast fan, but this is just fact.

  4. This is TV3’s last ditch effort to attract an audience.
    If this doesn’t work (it won’t – it’s a paint job over a dilapidated, termite infested, leaky house) then Ironbridge will pull the plug on this very expensive and very unsuccessful forray into breakfast television.
    The ‘As Seen on TV’ crew are already waiting in the wings.

  5. The New Sunrise looks so ugly. that not a get up and go feeling in the Morning

  6. I’d like to see Duran Duran’s song “Sunrise” used as the theme tune, just like in the Aussie version

  7. Who is writing the media releases for TV3 these days?? Fail. Bad grammar, changes in tense… and who attributes quotes with lines like “Wilkinson comments: …”?!? That’s something I’d expect to see on an amateur press release for a Taihape Bridge Tournament.

  8. New theme in the tune of an 80’s TV theme;
    Sunriiiiise, oh yeaah, wake up, it’s time to wake up yeaaaaaah, let’s get up and go with SUNRISE!

  9. Dan Spencer on

    I Have a feeling that Sunrise NZ might copy Seven’s Sunrise in Australia.

  10. True. What do you think about jack walking around all the time? Too much, or fresh and cool…

  11. When tv3 changed their sets to how they are now, does that not count as a relaunch? Sunrise changed heaps.