Wendy Petrie’s Bain Blooper Hit

On Friday evening I posted a couple of bloopers from the night’s coverage of the David Bain verdict.

I was contacted by TVNZ later that night and as a result the videos were removed.

It is unfortunate that they had to be removed, as the videos were great fun to watch. The feedback I received from readers was very positive. No one had anything negative to say about the clip.

One of the clips has reappeared on YouTube, you can watch it below:

Sorry guys, maybe next time.





7 comments on “Wendy Petrie’s Bain Blooper Hit”

  1. Ahmad says:

    Please upload this via a different provider. Shame on you TVNZ. This comes from a long time watcher, long time critic of your news. I don’t want to turn to the “dark side” and this clip has made a lot of people laugh WITH Wendy, and more than anything shown us that she is human after all. My perception of her rose dramatically after seeing this clip for what that is worth.

  2. bob says:

    Absolutely shame on TVNZ Boo Hiss…. the world needs things to laugh at at the moment…and they deny us this as well?

  3. Ed S says:

    You would think TVNZ wants these clips on Youtube to stay on, it’s just another method of free promotion for them. I hope TV3 let you have their bloopers!!!

  4. Lukenews says:

    Hi Dan
    Interesting that TVNZ were so concerned that they felt it necessary to contact you and request the video be removed. By any chance is the video you uploaded, the same as the one referred to and hyperlinked to in this online Stuff.co.nz article: http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/tv/2479274/Wendy-Petrie-fist-pump-video-hits-net

  5. Other Dan says:

    Just upload them to a different provider, one with bigger balls than YouTube.

  6. Chris G says:

    Shame on you TVNZ – what’s the problem with it?!

    Hey Dan, I know one of the ‘bloopers’ was Wendy celebrating she pulled off the live cross without a hitch….what was the other one you featured??!!