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Last night at 6.30, Duncan Garner hosted a live web chat where viewers could ask questions about the budget. A first for New Zealand media. There were some interesting comments and questions, some I have listed a few below:

Steve181: I am naked in front of my computer, is this inappropriate conduct?
Duncan-Garner: Education took some serious cuts in some areas … teacher re-training especially, they’ll all vote Labour if they weren’t before.
Steve181: Who here has a perm?
Steve181: The government shoud get a perm
budgetmcgee: hello duncan. i am a gay. i feel disadvanted by this budget. does it offer anything for gays? you look lovely tonight by the way
Duncan-Garner: budgetmcgee -I haven’t looked at the gay budget … and Bill English a devout Catholic wouldn’t have given anything I’m sure … have a good night my man!
Duncan-Garner: manawatu rugby is beyond repair – especially with the mullet on that fullback
Choi:Where will the extra 300 police be placed?
Duncan-Garner: south auckland for the cops … melissa lee demanded it!
Duncan-Garner: winston might save us from north korea. not.
Duncan-Garner: the new cops will be ticketing your car and stopping you speeding as you get to Mt Albert
Choi: Will student allowance still increase in line with inflation?
Duncan-Garner: Choi – allowance? What allowance? You gotta get a job … that’s how i did it, a paper run, like David Bain it’s easy
Steve181: Can you fulla’s start playing some porno’s on tv3 at night?
John: Hey duncan, what do you think of Samatha Hayes..?
Alextheki:+1 for Samantha Hayes. hayes is a HOTTIE
wtk789: samantha hayes is smoking!!!
Duncan-Garner: smoking what?
Duncan-Garner: they (the police) have guns … don’t you believe it. ask steven wallace’s family
buddtastic: duncan, a bit let down by ur police comment
mish: this is appalling duncan if you want to run a chat to answer questions how about actually answering them all and not talking shit to all the immature comments being made that have no relevance to the budget.

Entertaining stuff.  The live chat is a great idea and something that I think we will see more of.  Next time though,  hand picking the questions might be a better option.