Milford Sound included in TVNZ weather revamp

Milford Sound, one of our most popular domestic and international tourism destinations, is to be included on TVNZ’s weather map as part of a new-look forecast that will go to air for the first time on ONE News next Tuesday night.

“The new forecast has been designed in conjunction with the Met Service to provide a deeper understanding of weather patterns that influence the country in a more logical and easier to understand format”, says ONE News Editor, Paul Patrick.

“Weather information has traditionally been presented by province, from Tuesday all TVNZ forecasts will change to the new format that shows areas affected by similar weather systems, the maps have less clutter, are easier to read and some look quite different – such as the new map that shows the whole West Coast of the South Island including Milford Sound”.

Milford Sound has been included for several reasons, not the least being its iconic tourism status and the impact the weather can have on travel to the fiord.

“Weather from the south-west of New Zealand has a big influence on the country and Milford Sound is one of the first places it hits, it then usually rolls up the West Coast towards Hokitika, Greymouth and Westport, so it would seem logical to provide a forecast for the entire West Coast of the South Island and a separate one for the east coast”.

“As all Southlanders know Milford, Mataura, Otautau, Owaka, Wyndham and Winton may have a few things in common but weather is not one of them”.

“We have taken a great deal of time and care in constructing this new forecast in consultation with the Met Service. Karen Olsen (a trained meteorologist) and Jim Hickey are especially excited to be bringing this new forecast because they really understand how important the weather is and how significantly it affects many New Zealanders every day”.

“And Jim, like many kiwis, has a romantic attachment to Milford. He doesn’t have the necessary pilot rating to land there on his own but has flown around Fiordland several times and talks to the local fisherman and pilots by phone all the time”.

Last week on average, 680,000 New Zealanders watched the weather forecasts every night during the 6pm ONE News bulletin.