Newsreader reveals salary while talking to MP 1

A great heated exchange between anchor and MP where the BBC news reader reveals her salary.  Do you think this was a good move?

Watch below:



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  1. Classic! Heated, entertaining – but no shouting! If that was on FNC or somewhere else we wouldn’t have heard any of what they said because they’d be trampling over each other.

    Also, I think I could actually see some sense in some of the points both were making. :-/

    I think I read somewhere that as a result of the Hutton enquiry a while back, the BBC is obligated to answer any and all questions honestly and not hide anything. I’m not entirely sure on that, I may have just misread a quote or something. Even so, good on that woman for not flinching through the interview and answering. Not sure I would have answered to be honest with you.