Moustache Gate. What was Paul Henry thinking? 4



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  1. it was a DISGRACE. if he thought it was funny, then fine, but by broadcasting those comments on national tv and now worldwide via youtube he hs only proved that he is not a professonal broadcaster and he has not manners or tact.

    if someone ever embarassed me on TV like this, I would want to hunt them down.

  2. Only a loser would laugh at people with differences. Losers such as Paul Henry and Kerry Smith. Shame!

  3. Go Paul,
    We need to laugh at ourselves and others. Its what we nz’s have always done. Good god, PC crap, I have had enough. We laugh at people with funny hair, fat people, skinny people, Stephanie Mill’s should drop the ‘mo’, what does she expect if she appears on national tv like that, surley a bit of effort wouldn have gone amiss to clean her self up